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Heavy Duty Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

1. Hydraulic Cylinder Seals : Parker

2. Heat treatment : makes higher hardness.

3. Cutting: High precision provided by automatic roller cutting machine.

4. Hydraulic Cylinder Test: Ultrasonic detector, spectrograph, CMM, metallography, chrome thickness tester.

Product Specifications


Product Description                                                                                 

25 years experienced Hydraulic  Cylinder  Manufacturer

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders to fit your needs


Supplying double acting tie rod cylinder. The advantage is lightweight, versatile and high reliability. The structure is simple. The size is smaller than other cylinder which is in same pressure level. The mounting mode and dimensions are same as Japanese cylinder in JISB8254-1978 standard. This series is widely used in metallurgy, mining, engineering, textile chemistry, textile and other machinery.

2H/3H Type Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

We are capable to custom parker type hydraulic cylinders to you with good quality and more aompetative price.



Product Application                                                                                 

Betten Oil Cylinder are mainly applied in :

1- Construction machinery 
( hydraulic lift cylinders and steering cylinders for cranes/ forklift/ tractor/ loaders / excavator) 
2- Industry Equipment 
( hydraulic press cylinders / Tie rod cylinders / compact cylinders) 
3- Marine and offshore machinery
( heavy duty cylinders, stainless steel hydraulic cylinder) 



Product  Showcase                                                                                 

Thread Mount Tie Rod Cylinder made for US Customer

Bore: 80mm

ROD: 45mm





Thread Mount Tie Rod Cylinder made for US Customer

Bore: 80mm

ROD: 45mm







2H  Heavy Duty Tie Rod Cylinder mde for Australian Customer

Bore: 40mm

ROD: 25mm




Product  Specification                                                                             



Betten Hydraulic--Built Cylinders to Fit Your Needs!

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