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Compact Hydraulic Cylinder

1. Seals kit: Parker, durable and hard-wearing

2. Heat treatment: Quenching&Tempering makes higher hardness.

3. Cutting: High precision provided by automatic roller cutting machine.

4. Test: Ultrasonic detector, spectrograph, CMM, metallography, chrome thickness tester.

6. MOQ: 10 PCS for small hydraulic cylinder

7. Delivery time: 7~30 days depends 

8. Warranty: Change a new  hydraulic cylinder in 3 years warranty time.

Product Specifications


Product Description                                                                                 

25 years experienced Hydraulic  Cylinder  Manufacturer

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders to fit your needs



Customer built is the first principle for Manufacturer Betten Hydraulic .



Whatever our steering cylinders will applied in—engineering or construction machinery(forklift / tractors) marine and offshore(extreme corrosive,low temperature),testing equipment(high speed and frequency)—our rich experience in sealing technology,surface technology,structure design makes our products extremely durable,which means a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.


Product Application                                                                                 

Betten Oil Cylinder are mainly applied in :

1- Construction machinery 
( hydraulic lift cylinders and steering cylinders for cranes/ forklift/ tractor/ loaders / excavator) 
2- Industry Equipment 
( hydraulic press cylinders / Tie rod cylinders / compact cylinders) 
3- Marine and offshore machinery
( heavy duty cylinders, stainless steel hydraulic cylinder) 



Product  Showcase                                                                                 

• Light and compact aluminum body.

• Auto switches can be mounted.

• Auto switch mounting does not affect overall length.

• A wide range of operating pressures, bore sizes, and standard strokes make more selections possible to suit your individual needs.


Betten Compact Hydraulic cylinder product show







Product  Specification                                                                             

Series name 

CX Compact Hydraulic Cylinder(Double Acting)

Nominal pressure


Equipment type

Standard: SA, FA, FB

Foot type: LD

Inner diameter  

φ32, φ40, φ50, φ63, φ80, φ100, 
φ125, φ140, φ150, φ160

φ32, φ40, φ50, φ63

Maximum allowable pressure


Test resistance pressure


Minimum operating pressure

Below 0.64MPa

Rod tip screw

JIS 6H/6g

Usable temperature range  

Standard specifications: 
 φ32~φ125: -10
~+120 (H-NBR)
φ140~φ160: -10
~+80 (NBR)

LD : -10~+120 (H-NBR)

Applicable hydraulic oils 

General mineral hydraulic oils 
(If using other hydraulic oils, then please specify as such elsewhere)


Betten Hydraulic--Built Cylinders to Fit Your Needs!

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