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Hydraulic Rotaty Actuator

1. Seals kit: Parker, durable and hard-wearing

2. Heat treatment: Quenching&Tempering makes higher hardness.

3. Cutting: High precision provided by automatic roller cutting machine.

4. Test: Ultrasonic detector, spectrograph, CMM, metallography, chrome thickness tester.

6. MOQ: 10 PCS for small hydraulic cylinder

7. Delivery time: 7~30 days depends 

8. Warranty: Change a new  hydraulic cylinder in 3 years warranty time.

Product Specifications


Product Description                                                                                 

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Betten Hydraulic rotary actuators are designed to replace mltiple components and function as an all in one device with rotating device, mounting brakcet and bearings. Betten Hydraulic rotary actuators' innovative, sliding-spline operation technology converts linear piston motion to powerful shaft rotation.Each actuator is composed of a housing and two moving parts- the central shaft and piston.The spline teeth on the shaft engage matching teeth on the piston's inside diameter.A second set of splines on the piston's outside diameter mesh with the gear on the housing.





BMT-10 SERIESE                                                                               


The hydraulic rotary actuators in the BMT-10 series are designed principally for the mobile range. Based on the helical gear technique, a compact solution has been produced for a max working pressure of 210bars and a 1700-25000Nm drive torque , The harmonic design and compact structure complete the overall image on a positive note. Rotary movements are possble in both directions. The use of high quality materials guarantees exremely long service life. In the rotary actuator thre is a drilled hole for cables and pipes, but alternatively this hole may be used for a tie rod fro transferring high bending moments.


The application range from auto engineering working platforms and control of construction machinery through fire fighting working baskets to concrete conveyor belts etc. You may obtain information on further possible applications from the rotary hydraulic actuator manufacturer.





 BMT-20 SERIESE                                                                               






 BMT-30 SERIESE                                                                               






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