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Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinder

  1. Bore Dia.:40 MM to 250 MM
  2. Rod Dia.:20 MM to 300 MM
  3. Stroke:4000 MM(customized according your requirement )
  4. Pressure:0-70 Mpa
  5. Temperature: 0°c-120°c
  6. Mounting Styles: Tie rod construction,Mill type(Rear flange mounting,Front flange mounting,Foot mounting,Front Trunion mounting,Centre Trunion extended tie-rod mounting etc.

Product Specifications



Product Description                                                                       

25 years experienced Hydraulic  Cylinder  Manufacturer

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders to fit your needs



Customer built is the first principle for Manufacturer Betten Hydraulic .


Betten Hydraulic provides reliable telescoping hydraulic cylinder(single acting) or hydraulic tilt cylinders for dump truck/ trailer/ cranes with good quality and fastest feedback service. We can customize the multistage include 2 stage,3 stage hydraulic telescopic cylinders according to customers' requirement. The requirements placed on the various cylinders range from weight optimization, which requires the use of high strength material. We also take the operation temperature as an important consideration when we choose material and seals .We also have rich experience in designing single or multiple stage telescopic cylinders with internal oil supply and counter balance lock valves.



Product Application                                                                        

Betten Oil Cylinder are mainly applied in :

1- Construction machinery 
( hydraulic lift cylinders and steering cylinders for cranes/ forklift/ tractor/ loaders / excavator) 
2- Industry Equipment 
( hydraulic press cylinders / Tie rod cylinders / compact cylinders) 
3- Marine and offshore machinery
( heavy duty cylinders, stainless steel hydraulic cylinder) 



Product  Showcase                                                                       

Parker Type-Dump Truck Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder 
( 2/3/4/5 stages single acting & double acting )


Custom double acting telescoping hydraulic cylinder 

OutsideBore: 90mm

STAGE: 3 stage double acting type




Hyva Type single acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder for dump truck

( 2/3/4/5 stages single acting & double acting )





Hydraulic hoist cylinder for dump truck- light duty



Product  Specification                                                                    


Telescoping hydraulic cylinder for dump truck/trailer

Bore Diameter

50-1500 mm

Rod Diameter

25-1500 mm

Wall Thickness

3-100 mm

Max Stroke

4000 mm

Max Pressure

7252 psi/500 bar

Test Pressure

5000 psi/345 bar

Cylinder Material


Seal Kits


Diamensional Accuracy


Bore Roughness

Ra 0.4-1.6 mm


Nickel,hard chrome


One piece


ISO 9001:2008


Construction,metallurgical,mining,agricultural,forestry machinery,etc


Betten Hydraulic--Built Cylinders to Fit Your Needs!

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